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                “Our mission is to ensure the LGBTI
            community and its allies can achieve what
         they want from being part of Surge, and that
     we all have equal opportunity to participate.” 


PRESIDENT (2016-18)


Melbourne Surge is Victoria’s only LGBTI and inclusive water polo club.

Everyone is welcome to be part of our club, whatever walk of life they come from, whatever their ability, or however they identify. 

The club is a fun and socially active organisation that exists for the benefit of our members, and to help them achieve their goals.

While some members join to make friends, others do so to focus on their fitness.

Some come along to try something new, others to reconnect with a sport they have played in the past.


Melbourne Surge has splashed off the 2022/23 summer season with the first ever inter club tournament, the 'Resurgence Cup'. 

It was a fabulous day that allowed all members of different levels of skills to play and learn from each other. Well done to the winning team and all other members that came to play.

It will be a very busy 17 week 2022/23 summer season for Surge now having 7 teams in the Water Polo Victorian State League for the first time in our club history!  



Melbourne Surge continues to play a big part in Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival, taking part in a number of events across the Midsumma calendar. 

We are looking forward to all the many events and we hope you are as well. You will hopefully see us in our signature pink and black outfits at Midsumma Carnival, Pride March, Team Melbourne Sports Day, VAC Pool Party and Chillout Festival in Daylesford.

Check out more photos from these events on our Facebook page. Come say hi, or better yet come join in on the fun – contact us to see how you can become involved.

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