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                  “I’ve loved seeing the club's culture grow
             and make a difference in both LGBTI and
         water polo communities to support and
      celebrate diversity in sport.” 




As a grassroots community organisation, Surge believes in giving back to those that support us, and have helped us become the club (and people) we are today.

We have partnered with organisations such as our sponsor VAC, Water Polo Victoria, Water Polo Australia other LGBTI clubs from across the globe, and receive support from a number

of groups. We are part of a community, and want to ensure everyone has equal access to our club and what we provide.


Water Polo Victoria piloted ‘Bumpa Polo’ as a program to make this modified version of polo more accessible. 

Normally played in a shallow (waist deep) pool, the game is played in inflatable rings, and anyone of any age, ability or identification, in any outfit can play.

The sport is designed to be fun, non-contact and remove the pressures of sporting ability, fear of deep water and gendered swimsuits. Melbourne Surge is supports Water Polo Victoria and their Bumpa Polo events as an exercise to increase participation. Click here if you want to find out more. 


Surge is proud to have the Thorne Harbour Health as a major sponsor of the club. 

Our members are passionate about the health and wellbeing of both the LGBTI and broader communities, and the work that VAC does.

Our members collect donations on World AIDS Day, provide volunteers for events such as Thorne Harbour Health’s Hypothetical, and assist with events such as the Midsumma Pool Party. 

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